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Harel Pensia

Harel Pension Fund aims to provide workers and employers in Israel with a diverse selection of advanced pension plans, which provide a pension solution suited to the needs of each customer. , offering innovative pension solutions and combinations. 


Harel Pension Fund is managed by Harel Pension Funds Management which provides management and operating services for all the pension funds in the Harel Group: Harel Pension Fund, Harel General Pension Fund, Manof  Pension Fund and Atidit. 


In 2006, in response to Ministry of Finance instructions, the Netivot Pension Fund and Atidit Ishit Pension Fund were merged into Adi Pension Fund, whose name was subsequently changed to Harel Pension Fund.


Harel Pension Fund is currently regarded as the fastest-growing pension fund in Israel, and is one of the four largest pension funds in the market. 


In August 2007, the Harel Group entered into an agreement to purchase the Gilad Rivchit and Gilad Mashlima pension funds.  Upon completion of the Gilad transaction, Harel will have more than 10% of Israel's pension funds market.


Harel Pension Funds Management is part of the Harel Group's long-term savings division, which also includes life insurance and provident fund.

Harel Pension Funds has at its disposal the resources of the Harel Group, including: a large team of high-caliber professionals, supported by advanced economic models and research and development departments. The Group's impressive performance and its proven investment abilities help generate consistently high yields over time.


Harel Pension Funds Management is faithful to the fundamental values that have guided the Group since its establishment: excellence, uncompromising professionalism, personal and business integrity, and fair service.